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Answer questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer questions - Research Paper Example This has occurred with Orkut previously, however Facebook is too enormous to be deferred at any point in the near future. Ans. Convergence implies the coherence of substance over a scope of media stages; the trade, collaboration, and cooperation among numerous ventures of media, and the media audiences’ transient conduct as far as their inclination to move anyplace to achieve the diversion encounters wanted by them. As a purchaser, I have encountered intermingling as the progression of media content across outskirts, the contending media economies, and media frameworks. Worldwide inclusion of CNN and limitation of Sesame Street are a portion of its models. Ans. Digital media will become both in highlights and utilization later on. Development of computerized media will furnish the clients with expanded network and increasingly social association. New models of cell phones and Ipads with new applications and programming will assume a cardinal job in the development and extension of advanced media. Improvement in the life and utilization of advanced media is additionally foreseen for example expanded battery life of advanced contraptions, as the opposition among the makers of such devices increments. Ans. This perspective on the future spurs me to increase a firm comprehension of and mastery in the utilization of the different sorts of advanced media, independent of whatever calling I in the long run choose to seek after. The utilization of and reliance upon computerized media of all callings is foreseen to increment later on, be it designing, clinical sciences, or some other sort of business. In the occasions when more up to date forms of programming, applications, and advanced media surface regularly, one should be continually refreshed and alter one’s aptitudes as needs be. Ans. If my perspective on what's to come is precise, I would require solid PC abilities, yet in addition solid relational aptitudes. One thing headway of innovation and upheaval of advanced media especially centers upon is expanded person to person communication.

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Love is Ephemeral

Such an extensive amount what we do is lost and it slipped immediately's mind, even without anyone else. In the short story, â€Å"One of His Good Days†, by Laurence Hill, characterizes the possibility that adoration is fleeting. Love is a bond between mortal creatures. Be that as it may, what happens when that bond is broken on account of a disease? Would you be able to adore somebody and not be infatuated with them? To demonstrate this, the writer utilizes the artistic strategy known as tone to show the peruser how the characters feel about their circumstance they are In. Another scholarly method the creator uses to exhibit the topic Is characterization.Hill utilizes evenly in the story by demonstrating the activities of the characters. In this way, Hill utilizes the artistic procedures of tone and portrayal to build up the controlling thought that adoration is transient. Slope utilizes tone to show the peruser how Charlotte feelings hinder her affection for Francis. Love is a dull and immaterial inclination that can open its objectives to peril, torment and languishing. After the auto collision that Francis had, Charlotte was dealing with him and was sustaining him In any manner she could. In any case, it went to a moment that Charlotte acknowledged she was not, at this point his better half and just a parental figure to him.And that is the point at which her affection kicked the bucket for Francis. For example, Francis needs her to remain down the stairs with him for the night when she reacts, â€Å"l need to rest. Haven't rested in a month. She had hardness to her voice that he hadn't heard before he attempted to glance in her eyes. She dismissed her head. (9). Charlotte thought that it was choking to be around Francis twenty four seven caring for him as though he was an infant. She was worn out and contacted her breaking point, which Is the reason she was unable to take a gander at him any more. What's more, when she looked at him, she would †Å"stare at him with eyes like void saucers†. ). It was Francis who was enduring, however Charlotte to, and she didn't need the adoration for her better half to have a dim and hopeless end. Slope utilizes portrayal of Charlotte to exhibit how decreasing wellbeing in the old, sets up prompts conjugal irritation. Charlotte character changes from warm and wanting to cold and expelled because of her better half's compounding wellbeing. To begin with, Charlotte makes every effort to guarantee her significant other's prosperity, â€Å"she cooked for him and lifted him onto the can and got up four times each night for him† (9).Charlotte character changes all through the story. She begins to consider her to be more as a weight than a spouse. Charlotte is depleted and leaves her significant other in the clinic's consideration. Charlotte visits got less and less. â€Å"At first, she visited him two times per day, at that point once every day, at that point a couple of times each week, and of late, when a week† (9). Maybe she no longer knew him. Charlotte marriage with her better half has bombed because of his repetitive infection. Individuals Judge others when they discover a life partner have dropped of the other at the entryway of an emergency clinic or nursing home. Be that as it may, at what cost?

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Oral Cancer Risk Factors and Symptoms

Oral Cancer Risk Factors and Symptoms Addiction Nicotine Use Smoking-Related Diseases Print Oral Cancer Overview Risk Factors, Signs, and Symptoms By Terry Martin facebook twitter Terry Martin quit smoking after 26 years and is now an advocate for those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction. Learn about our editorial policy Terry Martin Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Sanja Jelic, MD on August 05, 2016 Sanja Jelic, MD, is board-certified in sleep medicine, critical care medicine, pulmonary disease, and internal medicine.   Learn about our Medical Review Board Sanja Jelic, MD Updated on May 10, 2018 Eugenio Marongiu / Getty Images More in Addiction Nicotine Use Smoking-Related Diseases After You Quit How to Quit Smoking Nicotine Withdrawal The Inside of Cigarettes Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Coping and Recovery Imagine sitting across the desk from your doctor receiving the news that youve got oral cancer. Its a scary thought, but one that upwards of 31,000 people have to face every year in the United States alone, according to the American Cancer Society. Approximately 90 percent of those diagnosed with oral cancer or pharyngeal cancer (including cancer of the mouth, tongue, lips, throat, parts for the nose, and larynx) are tobacco users. Risk Factors Tobacco:  All forms of tobacco increase a persons risk of oral cancer. In fact, smokers are six times more likely to get an oral cancer than nonsmokers.Alcohol:  Heavy, regular alcohol consumption is a risk factor for oral cancer. Its estimated that 75 to 80 percent of those with oral cancer drink alcohol frequently. Like smokers, people who drink a lot of alcohol on a regular basis are also six times more likely to get an oral cancer than nondrinkers.Tobacco and Alcohol:  The risk for oral cancer that each substance represents is compounded when they are used together.Gender:  It appears that men contract oral cancer at twice the rate of women, due to the fact that they are more likely to smoke and drink heavily for longer periods of time than females.Age:  After the age of 40, the risk of oral cancer increases, with 60 being the average age of diagnosis. Other Risk Factors Viral infectionsImmuno-deficenciesPoor nutritionExposure to ultraviolet light (responsible for many cases of cancer to the lips)Certain occupational exposures Its important to note that survival rates for oral cancers are 50 percent five years after diagnosis. The earlier oral cancer is detected, the better a persons chances for survival are. Signs and Symptoms Sores in the mouth or on the lips that dont heal and/or bleed easily.A white or red patch of skin in the mouth or under the tongue that doesnt go away.A lump in the mouth, throat, or tongue.A sore throat that doesnt go away within a normal period of time.Swallowing and/or chewing is difficult or painful. If you have any of these symptoms, please see your doctor immediately. Oral cancer screening is a normal part of dental checkups, so visit your dentist on a regular basis to get your teeth cleaned. Its one of the best ways to catch oral cancer early. Most oral cancers could be avoided by not using tobacco and/or drinking heavily. If you fall into this risk category, use the information here as a springboard to help you get serious about quitting. Tobacco is a toxic killer and offers you nothing more than disease and ultimately, death.

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Faith Integration Neuroscience and Religion - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 845 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/03/11 Category Religion Essay Level High school Tags: Science vs Religion Essay Did you like this example? Faith Integration: Neuroscience and Religion The intersection between neuroscience and religion is a controversial topic because of the abstract ideas associated with religion and the absolute scientific nature of neuroscience. The aim of this paper is to look at the shared aspects between neuroscience and religion and looking at biblical justice issues from the lens of religion. The main focus of this paper is to show that neuroscience and religion intersect more than they differ. How Neuroscience and Religion Relate The study neuroscience and its intersection with religion is a rather new research topic and most articles argue that neuroscience is important in the understand of religious ideologies. Klemm (2017) argues that there is intersection between neuroscience and religion and if it is approached properly they can empower the understanding of each other. He found that incorporating religion in the teaching of neuroscience had a positive impact in learning and understanding the material. Sayadmansour (2014) found that â€Å"The brain, especially the right hemisphere, has the ability to perceive holistic concepts such that we perceive and understand wholeness in things rather than particular details† (para. 6). The right hemisphere is important because religion is abstract concept that can only be understood holistically. The source also looks at the mathematical concrete function of the left hemisphere and argues that this is why specific numbers are used throughout the religious tex ts. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Faith Integration Neuroscience and Religion" essay for you Create order The use of both hemispheres while engaging in learning has been shown to support Klemm’s findings. Klemm (2017) also argues that neuroscience and religion are related because they both share themes such as the: desire to help others, know and value the nature of creation and life, respect for the body and brain, learn and grow in understanding of ourselves and others, know the basis for human agency and self-control, overcome personal weakness and limitations, minimise mental anguish, despair, and depression, nurture the self and others, promote mental calm, rest, and rejuvenation, prevent and cure maladaptive ideas and compulsions, heal broken minds and spirit, live healthy, actualised, and happy lives† (p. 7). The ideologically intersection is also demonstrated in the work done by Oomen (2003). Oomen used the ideology of determinism and free will, in regards to religion, to demonstrate a parallel to neuroscience. The parallel for neuroscience was identified as the science self-organizing systems when compared to neural networks. These broad ideological parallels seemed to come from a religious and theological understanding and then applying that to neuroscience. Whereas other views come from a scientific view on neuroscience and relating it to religion. Comings (2010) found that religious understanding and interpretation is processed through the temporal lobes. This idea is supported by Schjoedt (2009) which used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) during different types of prayer formal (common prayers used during a church service) and personalized prayer (private). The study’s findings support Comings idea for the localization of neural activity within the temporal lobes. Using this data of localization Comings (2010) used SPECT imaging of schizophrenics with religious delusions and found increased activity of the left temporal lobe and decreased activity of the left occipital lobe (p. 482). The source further examined temporal lobe epilepsy and found that this had an impact on a person religiosity. Applying this information to biblical figures Comings (2010) highlighted a study by Altschuler (2002). Where he proposed Ezeki el possessed some of the characteristics of the 4-H syndrome placing him as the oldest known case of TLE dating to approximately 2,600 years ago† (p.482). Additionally, Comings (2010) highlighted a study done by Persinger (2002) that found that if electrical current is added to the right temporal lobe the patient would report that they could feel the spirit. (p.484) Biblical Justice/ Religious Implications Using biblical teachings as a societal guide when it come to neuroscience questions are raised such as in the following scenario: What if a mentally ill patient needs treatment, but does not have insurance, should the exams be performed regardless of the ability to pay? This is a question that could have multiple answers depending on the viewpoint. The biblical answer would be yes because those who have the ability to help should help for the greater good. Looking at this situation from the viewpoint of the organization that can treat the patient they have a lot invested in it such as equipment and staff, and they cannot operate for free. So a solution would be for those in that persons community to step up and help. Another way to look at this scenario from a biblical justice standpoint is that those who have the ability to treat and care for others in this case the hospital should offer the services based on a percentage of what the patients can pay. The only way this option would be possible is if those who sold the technology and/or the schools educated the people staff operated at the same discount based on the amount the organization or people could pay. In other words the entire society would have to operate according to an altruistic principal. Where everyone only takes what they need and leaves any extra for those who do not have enough.

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When Corporate Values Do Not Align with Personal Values

When Corporate Values do not Align with Personal Values When an individual accepts a position at a company, it is important that they should first check that their values match the companies’ values. Often, the companies’ values are readily available and should be researched before the position is accepted, but in some cases, an employee will find out too late that they feel a conflict between their own values and their employer’s values. Every person has certain ‘Benchmark Goals’ that dictate what is important to them in life (Pace, 6). Some people value family, money, and some value having a career in a certain field. Employees in positions where there are conflicting values can be unhappy in their position, and it can carry over into†¦show more content†¦If an open honest conversation is not possible, it might be time to apply for a position change, although potentially in the same company. This environment will keep all the employees in a negative mindset, even if they have values that match the companies and their coworkers. Another form of value-based conflict is when an individual’s values are not aligned with the company values. For example, Planned Parenthoods values states that they believe â€Å"That reproductive freedom is the foundation for true equality for women and men†. Someone who has religious or personal beliefs that disagree with that would feel uncomfortable working at an organization with those values (â€Å"Mission and Values,† 2012). Now, Planned Parenthood is a well-known organization with well-known values, but other companies might have similar values and employees who disagree with these statements may feel uncomfortable working for the companies that support them. In this case, if the employee feels very strongly against the organizational values, it will most likely be best to begin looking for companies that they will be able to feel comfortable at. Another example of this might be government, whose values and goals can potentially change every 4 years. Emp loyees of the government might agree with the values for a position for a short period of time, but the structure may change when a new party Is elected. It is up to that employee to decide if they will support the government despite the differingShow MoreRelatedValue Alignment990 Words   |  4 PagesRunning Head: VALUE ALIGNMENT Value Alignment Value Alignment Ethics and corporate values play a significant role in an organization and are both imperative to success. To attain a successful alignment between individual and corporate values, there needs to be a synergy between the employee and the organization he or she work for. The benefits contain significant value to both the organization and the employee. Established in 1898 as Brad s Drink, PepsiCo has grown substantiallyRead MoreEthics Reflection Paper Str 581 Week 11312 Words   |  6 PagesFacilitator: Dr. Mark Kolesinsky Week 1, July 18, 2012 Ethics Reflection Paper In the last decade, ethics in corporate America has become highly publicized following the discovery of unethical and fraudulent business practices in major corporations. Practices at Tyco, Enron, Arthur Anderson, and WorldCom, among others, have made these corporate names synonymous with corporate fraud. The unethical behavior of top executives such as Bernard â€Å"Bernie† Madoff and Martha Stewart for example, haveRead MoreBe Own Products And Services1416 Words   |  6 PagesProfit sharing with employees was a foundational belief of Bean, and employees were greatly rewarded when the company performed and exceeded expectations. A few of the products and services that Bean used to enhance total compensation for employees included profit sharing, employee discounts on products, the ability to use company outdoor equipment for personal use, and company sponsored outdoor trips. When the Internet was developed in the late 1990s, many retailers wondered what role it would pla y inRead MoreRole of Advertising Communication in Corporate Image Building1441 Words   |  6 PagesROLE OF ADVERTISING COMMUNICATION IN CORPORATE IMAGE BUILDING In an increasingly competitive marketplace, greater emphasis is being placed on brand image development as the basis for consumer discrimination. Advertising has a central role to play in developing brand image, whether at the corporate, retail or product level. It informs consumers of the functional capabilities of the brand while simultaneously imbuing the brand with symbolic values and meanings relevant to the consumer. These twoRead MoreBusiness Values And Ethics Differ With Every Company Essay953 Words   |  4 PagesBusiness values and ethics differ with every company. They are formed by the behaviors and good ethics that is required in a professional environment. Values. Company values are used to guide and inspire individuals within a business in order to help them make appropriate decisions that align with company’s principles and policies and business practices within its industry. Strategic management is important to understand the position of the organization. It allows the company to accomplish goalsRead MoreDifferences Between Ethical And Unethical Business Activity956 Words   |  4 PagesDifferences between ethical and unethical business activity Ethical Behavior In recent years big corporations have discovered the significance of the corporate social responsibility issue. They have increasingly made sustainability declarations or advertised ethical codes, which then they are expected to abide by. (Law Business Ethics Research Initiative.) Keith Miller the author of Is Ethical Behavior Good for Business has found that ethical behavior is good for business. His research found thatRead MoreThe Actual Usage of Visions and Values in Everyday Leadership 1555 Words   |  6 PagesThe Actual Usage of Visions and Values in Everyday Leadership Purpose The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the extent to which leaders make use of visions and values in the accomplishment of their everyday leadership. There is a plethora of material available on the subjects of leadership vision and values. Vision has a several definitions, most of which tends to infer a mental picture or direction in which the leader wants to take an organization. Values are the intrinsic drivers that motivateRead MoreEthics Reflection Paper785 Words   |  4 Pagesthe last decade ethics has taken an important place in corporate America after some unethical and fraudulent business practices getting uncovered. Few companies’ such as Tyco, Enron, Arthur Anderson, and WorldCom have made their name synonymous with corporate fraud. Unethical behavior of top executives like Bernard Madoff and Martha Stewart can sink the whole company. This paper will explain the role of ethics and social responsibility when developing a strategic plan. In this paper I will a lso discussRead MoreManagement by Objects (Mbos)1218 Words   |  5 Pagesstrategic planning, goal setting, or visioning generates from its process a set of objectives that the organization should strive to achieve. From there it is up to the individual departments to form their objectives, most if not all of which should align and support the organizational objectives. Individual objectives are the established to support the departmental objectives. MBO is designed to improve the management process and maximize the effectiveness of the member of individual teams (Bogue,Read MoreOrganizational Culture And Its Impact On Business Performance1288 Words   |  6 Pageseffect on employee attitudes and overall organisational performance. Corporate culture could become one of the organisation’s strongest assets or its biggest liability, based on strategies utilised by managers to share customs and values with employees. . The culture, traditions and shared values within an organis ation could lead to in enhanced corporate performance. Researchers have discovered that a relationship between corporate culture and company performance, regarding indicators that includes

Fantastic Literature Essay Free Essays

string(27) " initial state of affairs\." Fantasy is a merchandise of our subconscious heads. Just like the narratives of the yesteryear. antic literature attempts to give its messages with an indirectly manner for doing an impact to our subconscious heads. We will write a custom essay sample on Fantastic Literature Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now In other words. Antic literature is a genre of fiction that uses imaginativeness. thaumaturgy. supernatural elements such as shades. vixens. trolls. mermaids. nymphs. lamias. centaurs. personifications. fables and unrealistic elements as its primary secret plan component. subject or puting. Many antic plants includes an fanciful universe where thaumaturgy and antic animals are common. The best known and successful English work for the genre is J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings triology. But there are tonss of successful plants and celebrated authors of the genre such as Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy. Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and H. P. Lovecraft’s aggregation of narratives about Cthulhu Mythos. The antic literature starts with the bed clip narratives in childhood such as fairy narratives or common people narratives to give instructions. We can state. it has a particular appealing to kids because of its didactic nature for giving moral lessons. Furthermore. the kids are excessively immature to cognize the difference between existent and the phantasy. Much of these common people narratives comes from the times of Middle Ages where the topographic point storytelling has an importance. This importance changed by the clip due to technological promotions because rational advancement decreased the sum of these narratives. It happens to everyone when you grow up. the promotion of rational advancement can diminish your superstitious beliefs and imaginativeness. But utilizing the in-between age as puting. establishes a perfect base for antic narratives because of the deficiency of engineering. dogmatic ideas and the importance of storytelling. Therefore even in our clip. the antic plant uses the in-between age as its scene and much of the plants in antic literature takes topographic point in Middle age. When we come to its beginning. in western civilization. the beginning of the antic literature depends on the mythic narratives. But if we specifically give a papers name for the genre. so we can state its beginning comes from the narrative s of Homer The Iliad and The Odyssey. In eastern civilization. this beginning comes from Arabian Nights. The Iliad and odyssey gives us the definition of the genre in the first topographic point because of its contents. In instance of Odyssesy. it includes Gods. monsters such as centaurs. Cyclops or enchantresss and aces. And there is besides a pursuit in the narrative as its secret plan. Odysseus tries to return to his place at Ithaca but he is non allowed by Poseidon because of his abuses such as killing his cyclop boy and claiming that he won the troy with merely his ain head fast ones. It is quiet similar to the narratives of the Arthurian Romance such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight because of their use of pursuit as model. Same thing is in usage in the instance of LOTR. As a feature of the genre. there is ever a pursuit in a antic work. Many of them include a universe as their scene expression alike Middle ages because it is easy to make narratives when you created the existence. There are besides some common subjects of the genre such as Good V. Evil. Deceived heroes. doing a forfeit for salvaging the Earth. journey to unknown etc. . All of these elements are in Antic literature to give le ssons. The mark of a Antic work is the inclusion of antic elements. a self-coherent scene as a existence to take topographic point in and the inspirations from the mythology or common people narratives. It gives a freedom of look to author for explicating a rational sense within a supernatural model. Therefore it may confound the reader but there is ever a message in these antic narratives. It starts with the faery narratives in childhood. Fairy narrative: Fairy tales a narratives that contains a message and has an appealing to kids for giving instructions with an indirectly manner and by demoing illustration through the narrative. Fairy tales purposes to give moral lessons to its audience. Therefore. it is the first coach of the world. They may include elves. midgets. faeries. giants. monsters. trolls. hobs. mermaids. enchantresss and aces. There is ever an escapade or a pursuit in these narratives. But they are different than the fables in kernel because there may be a truth behind the fables. Ancient Greeks are frequently accepted the fables as existent events and told their narratives for centuries but they didn’t the same thing for the common people narratives. There is ever a certain form in these fairy narratives. all of them starts with same word Once upon a clip for connoting that the narrative takes topographic point in an unknown clip. There is besides a happy decision at the terminal of these narratives such as â€Å"they lived merrily of all time after† . They can be found in unwritten or literary signifier but it is difficult to follow their beginnings. Many of them may look in different civilizations with fluctuations. Much of them entreaties to grownups but they are frequently associated with kids. There are some aggregators of these folk tales such as Grimm Brothers and Charles Perrault. Folklorists have classified the faery narratives with assorted ways. Among them Vlademir Propp is one of the most noteworthy with his Morphology of the Tale. Vladamir Propp was a Russian folklorist bookman who analyzed the model of Russian common people narrative and published his analysis with name of Morphology of the Folktale in 1928. In his work. he divided fairy narrative into subdivisions and through these subdivisions he tried to specify the series of sequences within a fairy narrative. To him. a fairy narrative normally starts with an initial state of affairs. You read "Fantastic Literature Essay" in category "Essay examples" And right after that there are 31 different sequences with different maps. He used this method to analyse the frame work of the Russian common people narratives. Propp’s morphology is an example for the analysis. In this type. the structural organisation of a folkloristic text follows a chronological order as linear. Therefore. we can see if the narrative has all of these elements from A to Z. Besides we can give a name to those sequences. A tale normally starts with an initial state of affairs such as with the numbering of the household or the brief debut of the hero. And after this point there are 31 sequences. Absentation: In this portion. a member of the household leaves the place such as a prince may go forth place to travel for a journey by go forthing his married woman back. This absentation can besides be someone’s decease or traveling for a walk. fishing. . Interdiction: In this point. the direction comes to the hero such as don’t change your manner. don’t talk with alien. take attention of your small brother to fixing a base for the farther catastrophe. Misdemeanor: A antagonistic action happens against t o interdiction such as hero frequently violates this restriction and leaves the right manner. negotiations with aliens. At this point a new individual enters the narrative. And it could be a firedrake. wolf. enchantress or a stepmother as a scoundrel. Reconnaissance: Villain makes an effort to happen something. Villain is in hunt of something valuable or information such as the location of the kids. wolf’s purpose to happen the end of Little Red Cap by oppugning her. Delivery: Villain receives a straight information to his inquiries. The wolf learns the house of the grandma. Trick: The scoundrel makes a persuasion. It is an effort to flim-flam his victim in order to take ownership for his victim. Dragon turns into a aureate caprine animal. the enchantress turns into an old mendicant and attempts to give toxicant apple. wolf attempts to move like grandma by have oning her apparels. Complicity: The victim accepts the misrepresentation and helps his enemy without cognizing. Princess accepts the apple. The wolf acts like grandma and small ruddy cap could non acknowledge it. Villainy or deficiency of something: The scoundrel causes injury or hurt such as princess falls into a slumber after taking a bite from the apple. the wolf devours the small ruddy cap as a consequence of misdemeanor of the interdiction. One member of the household is in deficiency of something or desires to hold something. The Prince intends to seek for his bride. A charming agent is needed to wake person up. huntsman attempts to happen a prey Mediation: the hero enters into narrative with a pursuit or he is dispatched. The prince appears and decides to travel for a journey to the tower of kiping beauty. the hunter appear hearing the snores of the wolf by believing that there must be something incorrect. Get downing neutralization: The hero sees the state of affairs and decides to make something. the hunter sees the abdomen of the wolf and thinks that he devoured them. the prince hears the narrative of kiping beauty. Departure: the hero leaves place to do a countermove. First map of the giver: A giver appears and meets with the hero or greets him for proving him to give some sort of a charming agent. The hero’s reaction: hero gives an reply to donor such as doing a aid to him. demoing clemency. completes a service. learns some tactics. The hero receives the charming agent: he receives some sort of a power to get the better of to evil. The transference between two lands: The hero is transferred from one topographic point to another to whereabouts an object or hunt. The hero flies through air on a bird. or travels on a boat. Struggle: The hero and the scoundrel battles to acquire something for themselves. Branded: the hero receives a lesion during the battle. Victory: the scoundrel is beaten during the unfastened conflict or loses the game of cards. Liquidation: The initial bad luck resolved. spell dramatis personaes off. prisoners freed Return: the hero returns to his place Pursuit: The some sort of immorality pursues the hero and attempts to kill him Rescue: the hero is rescued from the chase. an obstruction may detain the chaser. the hero hides or saves his life from the chaser. Unrecognized reaching: hero returns his place but no 1 recognizes him merely like in the instance of Odysseus. False claims: A false hero appears and nowadayss baseless claims. DIFFICULT TASK: Difficult undertaking proposed to the hero ( test by ordeal. conundrums. trial of strength/endurance. other undertakings ) ; SOLUTION: Undertaking is resolved ; Recognition: Hero is recognized ( by grade. trade name. or thing given to him/her ) ; EXPOSURE: False hero or scoundrel is exposed ;Transfiguration: Hero is given a new visual aspect ( is made whole. handsome. new garments etc. ) ; PUNISHMENT: Villain is punished ;Wedding: Hero marries and ascends the throne ( is rewarded/promoted ) . Grimm Brothers were two unusual German bookmans. linguists. academicians and great philologues that lived in the nineteenth century. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were two brothers and these brothers were patriots and intended to roll up the old Germanic narratives and print them to demo the catholicity of German linguistic communication. They were really interested with the Germanic folklore narratives and dedicated remainder of their lives to roll up these narratives. Therefore they collected narratives and common people narratives from the state and represented a pure signifier of national literature and civilization. They established a sort of methodological analysis for entering and roll uping these common people narratives and subsequently on it became a footing for the folklore surveies. They published their first aggregation of Germanic narratives. and folk narratives in 1812 with the name of Children’s and Housholde Tales. Their narratives. includes the all inside informations of German linguistic communication and Germanic cultural individuality. Their plants translated into more than 100 linguistic communications. The most of import and celebrated narratives of them are Rapunzel. The Snow White. Hansel and Gretel. Cinderella. The Frog Prince and Little Red Cap. Little Red Cap Small ruddy cap is a Germanic common people narrative that published by Grimm brothers in their narrative aggregation known as Children’s and Household Tales in 1812. It is the 26t1h narrative of this narrative aggregation. It tells the narrative of a Sweet but non obedience miss known as small ruddy cap because of her celebrated Red Hood. But behind the background of the narrative. it is a narrative about grow up by go forthing the naive ideas behind. It is a narrative that inquiries the wonder of the kids and urges them to go forth these ideas and acquire mature by following regulations. By utilizing the large bad wolf as a scoundrel. it gives us a message that don’t be so naive. these all right gentlemen are nil but greedy wolfs and they are so hungry for utilizing your naivete for their ain sexual intents. So. follow your regulations and don’t of all time alter your manner. It can be interpreted as a moral narrative. to give a message such as don’t talk with sexual marauders. After the brief presentation of the characters. the narrative starts with an absentation in which the grandma is ill. So her female parent gives her a pail and says convey this to grandma and don’t leave the way or you might interrupt the glass. This is our interdiction and our pursuit. But she doesn’t listen to her female parent. a antagonistic action ( misdemeanor ) happens against to interdiction and wolf makes an entryway to narrative. The wolf inquiries the small ruddy cap. this is our reconnaissance. And she answers all its inquiries with a naivete and describes the manner that goes to her grandmother. ( bringing ) . The wolf goes there devours grandmother and takes topographic point of her ( fast one ) . She comes to house and accepts its fast one without cognizing what it is ( complicity ) . And wolf devours her as consequence of her incorrect actions ( Villainy injury ) . Some versions of the narrative like Charles Perrault version ends in here but Grimm version continues. The hunter makes an entryway to narrative ( mediation ) . And he decides to liberate grandmother and small ruddy cap ( get downing of antagonistic reaction ) . He cuts the bell of wolf with a scissor and saves them both. This is the metempsychosis of Little ruddy cap as a mature ( Struggle. stigmatization. triumph. settlement ) . In any instance. it is a narrative of pubescence rite in which the ruddy cap born once more as an grownup adult female and learns how to move against to odds. After that point she doesn’t attentions about the other infantile things. The promotion of her rational advancement is stoping her childhood. The Frog King- Iron Heinrich The toad male monarch is the first narrative of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm which they published it in their common people narrative aggregation known as Children and Household Tales. The toad male monarch is all about the gleams of emotional life where they are developing in the first topographic point. the childhood. It is narrative about sexual waking up in human existences. its credence and ripening procedure in human existences. There are some symbols in the narrative such as the toad. the princess and the Golden ball. The toad is the symbol of production and birthrate and it is connected with witchery. Princess is the symbol of purified facet of human psyche and the aureate ball is the symbol of flawlessness. The princes in this narrative. is so beautiful. even more beautiful than Sun that is explains her relationship and her desires towards to aureate ball. When she lost the ball. she grieves at non merely her ball but besides grieves over her loss of artlessness. She thinks that she will non be the whole once more. But the lone thing that can do her whole once more is an ugly toad. She likes herself and this state of affairs represents her egotistic mind. In the narrative. the princess progressively becomes more dying. angry and full of fright with the thought of get marrieding with a toad. She is non yet ready for the matrimony. As the toad comes closer to her. she becomes more fed up. This is besides gives us her thought about rousing of sex throughout the pubescence. But really she becomes more a individual while the toad comes closer to her. The male parent in this narrative is responsible for the matrimony of the princess and he commands her to maintain her word. Her actions are all under her Idaho and there is a demand for the development of ace self-importance in her personality. Therefore. the responsible scruples of King helps to development of superego in child’s head for conveying felicity. love and matrimony to her life. And to go whole once more. she eventually decides to throw it against to palisade by taking all the hazards to derive her independency. This minute of force is a painful experience but it is necessary. By making so. she transcends her anxiousness and hatred into a love. She becomes more a individual by developing individuality and her ugly frog turns into a fine-looking prince in her eyes. Snow White The narrative of Snow white is a Germanic Folktale that published in 1812 by Grimm brothers in their Collection of narratives known as Children’s and Household Tales as the 53rd narrative. It is a narrative about the rhythm of life as can be seen from the colour symbolism of the narrative. But it besides increases the subject of ripening procedure of a miss through some trials. It is a really common subject which can be found in the narratives of Grimm brothers possibly because of the fact that their sources were adult female or to set an accent on matrimony for stand foring its importance in a feudal and patriarchal German society. Who knows? Anyway most of their narratives are including these subjects of Marriage. ripening. loss of artlessness. turning up and including these demoiselles in hurt as chief characters. And in most of their narratives the true love comes after the licking of amour propre as wages of ripening. Story starts with a queen’s want to hold a babe similar white as snow. ruddy as blood and black as wood. It is a sort of symbolism of life that represents the natural rhythm of life in which after every decease a life starts to its life-time. As a consequence snow white represents this natural rhythm. she is the personification of this rhythm. Equally shortly as she born. her female parent dies in order to give a birth to her. And that is besides another accent that given to stand for this rhythm. After this point her unconcerned male monarch male parent marries with another adult female who is wicked. The unconcerned personality of King. although there is no male monarch in the narrative. represents the feudal European position of seeing adult females as object. The personality of stepmother is another issue ; she is the personification of immaturity. It is clear that she has failed in her personality development to hold an individuality. Therefore. she has merely the self-interest merely like the princess in The Frog King or Iron Heinrich. Therefore she plays her function to forestall Snow White for making her age because of her enviousness. pride and hatred. She orders to huntsman to kill her but he spares alternatively of killing her. He spares her because of possible position as a adult female and bringer of new life. Therefore. the being of hunter besides is a prefiguration for the brotherhood of the opposite forces such as adult male and adult female. In the narrative she deceives Snow White for three times and each times represents another facet of life merely like the colour symbolism. In the first with a lacing to forestall breath ( White ) which represents the religious maturity. 2nd with a comb ( Black ) to stand for the physical maturity and in the last with a ruddy apple ( ruddy ) to stand for decease or blood for set uping a footing for the decease of childhood and the metempsychosis of as mature adult female. Sleeping in a glass casket besides supports this thought of metempsychosis as a mature adult female. Glass casket represents the being in a woman’s uterus. In kernel. the witchery of queen was nil but a trial. After finishing all these trials she becomes a mature adult female and immature prince appears as a wages. She marries with him. Therefore. finishing these trials is indispensable in human life and narrative attempts to set an accent particularly to this facet of life. The existent love comes with ripening and with the forfeit of childhood. it is necessary to acquire a existent individuality. And the clip of brotherhood puts an terminal to the attempts of retarding powers with the hot Fe places. The queen dies as dancing for observing the rhythmic rhythm of life and decease. All in all. Snow white is a narrative that explains the nature of creative activity. how something new comes into being through the repeat of same rhythm of transmutation which is necessary in a traditional society. Cinderella The narrative of Cinderella is a European common people narrative which published in 1812 by Grimm Brothers as the 21st narrative in their aggregation of Folk narratives known as Children’s and Household Tales. It was besides published by Charles Perrault in 1697. The Grimm version of the narrative is a dark version because it doesn’t include a faery female parent. Cucurbita pepo that turns into a passenger car. animate beings that turns into confederates. In Grimm version there is a Grant tree and speaking pigeons. There is forgiveness in Perrault’s narrative for half sisters but Grimm version there is a penalty for sisters in which half sisters are blinded by pigeons. It is a narrative about an orphaned miss and it focusses on her lifting into higher position and delivering with felicity through difficult work. suffer and matrimony. Then once more. the narrative gives us the patriarchal position of matrimony and its importance by demoing a hapless girl’s fighting for lifting into power and altering her position within this hierarchal society. The narrative can be interpreted from so many positions such as sociological. Freudian. feminism. But its subject is simple. immature adult females can be saved by affluent work forces. The aureate slipper in the narrative stands at that place as a symbol of perfectness or perfect life. The narrative narrates the recovery procedure of a hapless girl’s after an early lesion such as loss of her female parent. It is a procedure of person’s redeem and stretch felicity through difficult working. Therefor the narrative represents a person’s hunt for individuality and self-pride. The narrative opens with an initial state of affairs and the narrative of characters as usual but so all of a sudden a member of the household leaves the household as it happened in the instance of female parent. Interdiction besides comes in this minute. the female parent tells her girl right before her decease. remain pious and good merely so our beloved God will protect you. After a clip subsequently. her nescient male parent marries once more and evil stepmother and half sisters appears every bit scoundrel to get down their diabolic workss. She loses her societal position and starts to populate her life as a amah in the kitchen. Throughout the narrative she keeps her self-respect against to all evil workss of the sisters and as a consequence her giver appears in the signifier of pigeons and grant tree. The giver offers her dreams to her and besides through these it tries to prove her. Finally she passes all her trials by staying pious and takes attention of the wicked measure household. As a consequence. her pes fits to slippery shoe as an incarnation of perfectness. The narrative ends with a happy stoping. There are different accounts of the narrative. We can believe the slippery as the adult female and we can believe the pes as the adult male and their brotherhood as the perfect brotherhood of adult male and adult female. From this point of position. narrative is about a woman’s hunt for sexual fulfilment. We can besides look at it with a sociological position. Then we can state. it is about a woman’s battle for lifting into power within a patriarchal society through matrimony. Prince choses Cinderella because her pess are bantam while sisters non. Her pess are bantam because she is coming from an upper category unlike them. but she loses her societal position. In the terminal of the narrative. she manages to replace her societal position through matrimony and redeems with life. It is besides a good function theoretical account for feminism for demoing how immature misss and adult females should non be. Cinderella is a sort. pious and inactive miss. She can’t make base for herself. She is waiting a prince for herself to deliver her from the wretchedness and all of her actions are against to feminist thoughts. Modern adult female is expected to be more self-asserting in order to last in the universe but she can’t. Alternatively of that she is moving more pious by believing that her self-respect will salvage her. And this state of affairs is giving us a sociological penetration about the feudal European society. Enter Sandman Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann was a German Romantic author. critic. musician and composer who opened his eyes to earth in 1776. He was celebrated with his plants of horror and fantasy fiction. He is the writer of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. on which celebrated The Nutcracker concert dance based. In 1816. he composed one of his antic. horror narratives which known as â€Å"The Sandman† and published it in 1817 within short narrative aggregation. known as â€Å"The Night Pieces† . The sandman is narrative about a childhood injury that in the signifier of letters. It starts a bizarre and dismaying childhood narrative about a animal known as Sandman. The first missive is from Nathanael to Lothar. Harmonizing to Nathanael. The sandman is a animal of dark who is sing unsleeping kids and shed blooding them with his littorals to steal their eyes for feeding his ain kids on the Moon. Chilling isn’t it? This narrative becomes an compulsion for him. And one dark he plans to descry it and hides himself to his father’s room. In there he sees Coppelius. a attorney and one of his father’s associates and he catches him and desires to fire his eyes. But his male parent stands against for him. Nathanael becomes sick and his male parent dies after a piece in an experiment while working with Coppelius. The Coppelius disappears. Nathanael becomes a pupil and meets with an optician known as Coppola and buys a Spy-glass from him. Through this spy-glass he sees Olympia. an zombi created by Spalanzani and Coppola. And he loves this zombi unreasonably. But two work forces falls into an statement and Coppolla takes the eyes of zombi and throws them to Nathanael. This event reminds Nathanael the statement between his male parent and Coppelius. And Nathanael falls into a province of saneness. After retrieving his head. he goes straight to Clara to get married with her. While disbursement clip with her. he all of a sudden sees Coppelius and goes insane. He tries to kill clara. but her brother saves him. Unfortunately he jumps off from the tower and dies. The uncanny is a construct in human psychological science that means something extraordinary familiar and non familiar at the same clip. Sigmund Freud was an Austrian brain doctor who wrote about this construct in his The Uncanny and published it in 1919. He tried to analyse this construct by utilizing Hoffmann’s The Sandman because of its extraordinary conte nt. Harmonizing the Freud. the uncanny is the grade of the returning pent-up memory. For Freud. the ground of the uncanny in this narrative is the fright of losing eyes. He associates the thought of losing eyes with the fright of emasculation and he suggests the narrative of Oedipus as his illustration. He argued that the most appropriate penalty of Oedipus’ offenses was the emasculation yet this showed on the phase in the signifier of losing eyes. Coppelius is Nathanael’s hatred against of his male parent for his emasculation and he interferes his all relationships which he both loves and hatreds. After this bad experience. he represses all his bad memories and forgets what happened in the yesteryear. With the reanimation of first flooring scene ( losing of one’s eyes ) in the 2nd scene. he one time once more remembers everything but besides loses his head. This is the uncanny of the narrative which reminds his yesteryear. Coppola and Spalanzini are nil but the representation of his father’s sides and Olympia which they made together is the personification of Nathaniel’s feminine attitude towards his male parent in his babyhood. It is his doppelganger. That is why Nathaniel confronts Olympia as a individual and loves it with a egotistic sort of senseless love. It is a natural state of affairs which he created after his emasculation because of being unable to love. As a consequence. he realizes this truth with the reappearance of Coppelius one time once more while looking through the spy-glass. Looking through the glass is a sort of rationalisation procedure. Nathaniel tries to explicate all these events with the imaginativeness until his use of glass. And in each clip when he utilize it. he loses his head because of facing with the sober truth. How to cite Fantastic Literature Essay, Essay examples

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Workplace Social Capital and All

Summary The study was carried outwith the aim of examining the association that existed â€Å"between the social capital and all-cause mortality in a large in a large occupational cohort in Finland† (Oksanen et al, 2011, p.1742).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Workplace Social Capital and All-Cause Mortality: Public-Sector Employees in Finland specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Moreover, one of the hypotheses that the study sought to test is whether low workplace social capital exposure and the associated changes in capital had an association with increased levels of mortality (OKsanen 2011). Also, the study examined the above relationship using previous corresponding findings on depression, self related health, workplace social capital, and 22 all-cause mortality correlates. The study’s respondents came from the Finnish public sector where employees were selected in 21 hospitals from different towns in Finland. While conducting the study, the records of the employees were used with the aim of identifying the eligible sample from the population who would be used during the survey. Two surveys were carried out but the analyses used only 28043 employees of between 20 and 66 years of age. The mortality rate was analyzed among the employees in the period between January 2005 and December 2009. The study combined both exploratory and explanatory study methods. For example, it is exploratory in the sense that it gives an introduction on the issues under the study as part of its exploration. On the other hand, it is explanatory as the researchers developed a hypothesis which is later proven after the collection and analysis of the collected data. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were used in the study. For instance, statistical data was collected which was used for statistical inferences like regression and variances calculation. On the other hand, the study used qua litative data and information like demographics, age, and behaviours. On analysis, the data was quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. For example, statistical variances, means, confidence intervals, and regression analysis were carried which are quantitative analyses. In the process, SAS software was used to analyze the data statistically. The study also adopted already existing data of the sample population which was collected from different offices. For example, demographic statistics of the employees were collected from the different employers of the sample population. Questionnaires were also designed and used to collect data and information from the selected sample. For example, a 12 item General Health Questionnaire was applied to measure psychological distress (OKsanen 2011).Advertising Looking for essay on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Generally, the research findings showed a strong corre lation between death and use of antidepressants and current smoking. As a result, males were associated with a higher mortality rate compared to women. On the aspect of demographics, the results from item 1 and 2 had similar results with less discrepancies being witnessed. The results on mortality risk and workplace social capital were parallel to the estimates of Cox regression. Therefore, the study hypothesis was verified as a relationship was found to exist between workplace social factor and employee mortality. To sum it up, the analytical studies carried showed that low workplace social capital could result to lowered employee mortality (OKsanen 2011). The authors conclude that diverse studies are required to refute or confirm the study hypothesis. Also, future studies are required to examine the association which exists between the used variables. Critical analysis Critically, the study has followed most of the scientific study approaches especially in the selection of the sam ple population. The data was collated and collected in a scientific and professional way as it used both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Different analytical tools have been applied in a dimensional way with the objective of testing the hypothesis of the study. The study summarizes the study at the first page through the use of an abstract which gives the reader an overview of the research objective, method, results, and the conclusion. More specifically, the study is extensive, professional, articulate and well organized. However, despite the excellent work carried during the study, the research fails to show the major causes of death. For example, the study fails to show whether a relationship existed between the social capital workforce and the observed associations. The study failed to use the private service sector and correlate with the public sector before giving the conclusions. The study assessed using the obvious health risks behaviours like alcohol consumpt ion and smoking which are known to be major causes of death. Instead, employees not indulging in the associated health risks behaviours would have been used. The study has a number of limitations which makes it less applicable for generalization purposes. Firstly, the research uses more women (82%) and hence concludes that men are more likely to die from health risk behaviours than women. Secondly, the study uses public sector without putting into considerations the private sector. Also, the study limited its self to specific cohorts instead to conducting an extensive study.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Workplace Social Capital and All-Cause Mortality: Public-Sector Employees in Finland specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As a result, the results may be biased hence not reliable for generalization purposes. Numerous studies are required where participants from private and public sector as well as from both gende rs would be used. The study was approved by the ethics committee of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health which implies that it observed all the set ethical issues like privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity. However, the researchers had a lot of personal details which would jeopardize the ethics if it fell on wrong hands. Reference Oksanen, T., Kivimaki, M., Kawachi, I., Subramanian, S. V., Takao, S., Suzuki, E., Vahtera, J. (2011). Workplace Social capital and all-cause mortality: A prospective cohort study of 28043 public-sector employees in Finland. American Journal of  Public Health, 101(9), 1742-1748, This essay on Workplace Social Capital and All-Cause Mortality: Public-Sector Employees in Finland was written and submitted by user Andrea Flores to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.